Spider veins are a frequent complaint of many people that contact us at Derma-Tech. This condition stems from damaged veins that trap blood in an area of your body. While it’s not a severe medical concern, it does result in some unsightly blue marks on your skin. They can look like long bruises, almost mimicking the appearance of a spider’s web. 

Fortunately, spider veins can be treated with a specific procedure called sclerotherapy. This is one of the most exciting  procedures in the cosmetic world, offering incredible results in as little as two sessions. 

Sclerotherapy Joplin

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a revolutionary injectable treatment that targets spider veins. As mentioned above, these veins appear when blood is trapped in a part of a damaged blood vessel. With sclerotherapy, you can remove spider veins by using a unique solution. This solution gets injected into the problem area, forcing the vein to close its walls. Your damaged vein will become irritated by the solution. While this sounds extreme, it is not dangerous at all. This happens in your body all the time; sclerotherapy just triggers the process when a vein is blocked and damaged. 

This area of your body will now be clear from any marks. It will look like the veins have disappeared – which is exactly what has happened! The entire process lasts up to 30 minutes and leaves you with no side effects or recovery time. 

Ideal Candidate for Spider Vein Treatment

The ideal candidate will have spider veins on their legs or that cause cosmetic problems. Specifically, you feel very self-conscious about them, often avoiding shorts because you want to keep them hidden. If this applies to you, you will be a perfect candidate for spider vein treatment. 

People with painful spider veins should perhaps look for medical treatment instead of this cosmetic one. Most spider veins cause no pain and result in no medical issues. If your spider veins hurt, it’s time to seek medical advice. Also, you won’t be a good candidate if you’re afraid of needles. Injections will be required, though we take steps to ensure you feel minimal discomfort. 

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Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy presents a series of advantages for anyone undergoing this treatment. Mainly, it allows you to permanently rid yourself of your spider veins. If a spider vein is treated during sclerotherapy, it won’t come back. You will typically only need between two-to-five treatments to see impressive results, making it a fast-acting remedy.

Speaking of which, sclerotherapy tends to last around 30 minutes in total, so it doesn’t take a massive chunk out of your day. You have little recovery time to worry about; it’s the type of treatment you can receive on a lunch break! While an injection is required, that’s the full extent of the treatment – no surgery or incisions are needed to treat your spider veins. In summary, sclerotherapy provides a fast and effective way of dealing with one of your biggest cosmetic problems.

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