What Is Latisse?

Ever wanted long, luxurious-looking eyelashes – without resorting to falsies or extensions? Then it’s time to introduce yourself to Latisse, an FDA-approved prescription that increases lash length and volume. Latisse is an excellent solution for people who may not have enough lashes but don’t want to go through the stress and hassle of extension maintenance. Latisse can be used at home, making it a convenient way to get longer, thicker eyelashes.

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement Joplin, MO

How Does It Work?

Latisse contains a special prescription-only solution that’s designed to spur the growth of lashes along the top of the lash line. Latisse couldn’t be more simple to use; just apply the solution to the top line of eyelashes, once a day, at night using the provided disposable applicator. Make sure your eyelashes are clean of any dirt and makeup before application. You should start to see results within one month; a full Latisse regimen lasts about 16 weeks.

Latisse Joplin
latisse joplin

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*Individual Results May Vary

Is It Painful?*

Nope! There’s no pain or discomfort involved with Latisse usage. If you do feel irritation, however, you may be allergic to one of Latisse’s main ingredients. Be sure to let your Derma Tech specialist know if you’re experiencing any eye irritation during your treatment.

Please note that Latisse should not be used on the lower lashline. A rare side effect includes darkening of the eyelid skin.

Am I a Good Candidate for Latisse?

You’re a good candidate for Latisse if you feel as though you have an inadequate amount of eyelashes. Latisse is excellent for producing thicker, fuller, and darker eyelashes.

*Individual Results May Vary.

Take the First Step

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