What Is Juvederm XC?

Juvederm XC Joplin, MO

Juvederm XC is a collection of FDA-approved dermal fillers, all designed to help you minimize fine lines and wrinkles while adding youth-enhancing volume. Whether you’re looking to plump up your lips or bring back volume to your cheeks, Juvederm XC can help you reveal your most radiant self.

The Juvederm XC lines contain:

• Voluma XC for mid-facial augmentation
• Vollure XC for the treatment of mouth lines and wrinkles
• Volbella for lip augmentation

We’re proud to announce that the Juvederm XC line of anti-aging injections can be found at Derma-Tech Medical Spa.

Juvederm Joplin

*Individual Results May Vary.

How Does It Work?

Juvederm’s line of dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which helps encourage collagen production while adding plumpness to the injection sites. Each Juvederm XC injection contains a different consistency of hyaluronic acid gel; thinner gels are used in lip augmentation, while thicker gels are used to add volume to the cheeks. Juvederm XC products can last anywhere from nine months to two years.

Is It Painful?*

Juvederm XC is unique from other dermal fillers in that it contains lidocaine, which helps enhance patient comfort throughout the injection procedure. No matter what Juvederm injection you choose, you may experience slight burning or bruising at the injection site. These are normal side effects and should disappear within one to two weeks after treatment.

Am I A Good Candidate For Juvederm XC?*

While each Juvederm XC product is different, you’re usually a good candidate for these injectables if:

• You have significant lines and/or wrinkles around the cheeks, nose, and/or mouth
• You’ve experienced facial volume loss (sunken cheeks, dark undereye circles, etc.)
• You have smoker’s mouth (wrinkles around the lips)
• You want to achieve a plumper pout

*Individual Results May Vary.

Take the First Step

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