Viveve® provides vaginal rejuvenation with results you can feel in just one quick and painless treatment. 

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What is Viveve®?

As you age, your skin and vaginal tissues lose collagen and elastin. These structural proteins play a vital role in vaginal tightness, so their loss can cause laxity even in women who have not had children. Viveve® treats vaginal laxity by rejuvenating collagen and elastin in the vaginal walls. At the same time, it treats vaginal dryness and improves bladder control. 

How Does Viveve® Work?

Viveve® uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat the tissue of the vaginal walls. Cryogen cooling technology prevents the sensitive surface tissues from feeling any heat. The RF energy targets the layers of the vaginal wall where collagen and elastin form. The heat triggers cells to begin producing more of these critical proteins. Over time, vaginal tightness and lubrication improve. Viveve® also improves bladder control by tightening the soft tissues that help support the bladder and urethra. 

Unlike other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, Viveve® is effective in just one session. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Your provider will insert a small wand that emits RF energy. This energy will enter the vaginal walls, and you may feel  some warmth but no discomfort.  The heat triggers collagen fibers to tighten giving you noticeable results almost instantly that will continue to improve over time. New collagen and elastin takes several months to fully develop.

What Results Will I See With Viveve®?

With Viveve® you can reclaim your intimate enjoyment and self-confidence. You will experience an improvement in vaginal laxity and dryness. You will also enjoy improved bladder control and fewer sudden urges. You will notice some tightening immediately after treatment, with results continuing to improve for the next few months. Results can last a year or more depending on several factors including age. You can have maintenance treatments to keep your restored tightness and firmness. 

Is There Any Downtime With Viveve®?

Viveve® is safe and noninvasive. The RF energy causes no tissue damage, so you will not need any downtime and can resume your regular activities

Am I a Good Candidate for Viveve®?

If you have vaginal laxity or dryness that prevents you from enjoying sexual intercourse or makes you uncomfortable, you may be a good candidate for Viveve®. Women seeking relief from bladder control problems and leakage may also be good candidates. Women who have medical conditions involving the vagina should discuss these during their consultation. 

Take the First Step

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