The team at Derma-Tech is always keen to introduce innovative treatments for patients. As a result, we’re happy to offer hormone therapy with BioTE. This is a revolutionary treatment that can help with a variety of different problems you might be facing.

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About BioTE Hormone Replacement

BioTE hormone replacement is designed to replace the hormones in your body to improve certain aspects of your life. Everybody has hormones, which act as chemical messengers, sending different signals to all other parts of your body. Essentially, much of what we think, feel and do is because of hormones sending signals to our cells. There are many ways to replace hormones, but BioTE uses bio-identical hormones derived from plants. Specifically, the treatment is designed to replace your own testosterone and estrogen that have decreased due to natural aging or surgery – hence ‘TE.’

BioTE hormone replacement can be used to treat both men and women suffering from hormonal imbalances. Both genders feel and function better with the individualized correct balance of estrogen and testosterone. For instance, men with low testosterone and high estrogen levels may experience physical changes – like enlarged breast tissue. Similarly, women with high T-levels may see an increase in hair growth.

Generally, hormone replacement therapy can be administered in many ways. At Derma-Tech, we can provide many of those options. Through the BioTE system, pellet insertion is available for our patients. Pellets are a small “tic tac sized” hormone delivery system that is inserted into the hip area. The pellets deliver a steady hormone level over a prolonged period.

Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone treatment has many benefits relating to our physical and mental health and well being. This includes some of the following:

  • Increased mood
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Improved concentration/focus
  • Improved memory and recall
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction of the symptoms of menopause

The underlying benefit of BioTE hormone therapy is that it restores a more youthful balance of these hormones to your body. Hormonal imbalance or a lack of hormones with aging can cause issues with your mental and physical well being. BioTE hormone pellets are natural and plant derived. They also do not have any other chemicals or binders in them. Bio-identical hormones tend to be safer and have fewer side effects. Pellet treatment is minimally invasive and gives long-lasting results.

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Am I a Candidate for BioTE?

BioTE isn’t for everyone, but many people are ideal candidates. If you have symptoms of low hormones or symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, you might be an ideal candidate. If you have tried other methods of hormone replacement therapy and have not seen the improvement you hoped for, you too might be an ideal candidate. As mentioned above, symptoms occur in both men and women and include physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Changes in your mood and habits, declining energy and sex drive, dramatic mood swings and irritability may be signs that this treatment would be perfect for you.

At Derma-Tech, we treat mature adults experiencing the symptoms of hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. We do not treat young adults or teenagers with hormones. It’s normal to see hormonal shifts during these younger years but treatment with bio-identical hormones is rarely indicated. But, if you’re an adult experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, book a consultation with us today.

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