A chemical peel can range in price depending on the specific peel used. As a general rule, the more aggressive and powerful the peel, the more expensive it will be. At Derma-Tech, we offer a multitude of chemical peels to suit different requirements and budgets.

Needless to say, your Derma-Tech specialist will consult with you to find the best chemical peel for your specific needs.

Chemical Peel Joplin

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is one of the safest non-invasive facial treatments around today. Various chemicals and ingredients are combined together to create a mask that’s applied to your face. It then sits on your face to give the ingredients time to work and settle in. Your chemical peel will then be removed, taking off the outermost layers of dead skin cells

By doing this, it helps to bring out younger-looking and blemish-free skin. These peels vary in strength, with some requiring more downtime after treatment than others. At Derma-Tech, we often recommend that patients get a chemical peel following Dermaplaning. We call this combined treatment a Micropeel. It is the most gentle of all the chemical peels we offer and it is best applied directly after dermaplaning. A Micropeel is gentle enough to be added as a monthly maintenance treatment, which will help keep your skin looking radiant and fresh. 

How Much is a Chemical Peel?

While prices can range from $100 all the way up to $3,000, it all depends on how strong the chemical peel solutions are and who provides them. The most expensive options almost always require additional services like anesthesia or an overnight stay. 

Derma-Tech offers affordable options for all kinds of skin problems. We have a gentle, light, moderate, and powerful selection of chemical peels. These range from $84 to $250, and you should also consider any additional treatments you’d like alongside your chemical peel. None of our chemical peels require overnight stays or anesthesia, making them convenient for you.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come with numerous benefits based on your skin problems. A light chemical peel will gently exfoliate your skin and help dry up minor blemishes. It will leave your skin looking smooth and fresh. Medium peels are more extensive and penetrate a little deeper. As such, they help to remove dead and damaged skin cells, making them perfect if you have periodic breakouts or an uneven skin texture. 

Finally, the more powerful peels are more stringent than the previous options, allowing for an even more thorough removal of dead and damaged skin cell build up. These peels often help with acne, can brighten skin tone, minimize the signs of aging, and in many cases, will lessen the appearance of sun damage.

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Am I a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

Your Derma-Tech specialist will work alongside you to ensure you get the right treatment. Typically, you’re a good candidate for a chemical peel is:

  • Your surface skin is dull
  • You have signs of aging and want to reduce them
  • You want a facial treatment that helps with blemishes and wrinkles without any invasive procedures
  • You have realistic expectations

If you meet these criteria, you will be a perfect candidate to try a chemical peel. Again, an expert will help you find the best chemical peel for your specific needs.

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