We all know the importance of facial exfoliation. It can help us to rejuvenate our skin by removing dead cells revealing our natural glow underneath. But sometimes you need a little more than just a scrub to accomplish this. Dermaplaning provides a super-effective alternative to the average exfoliation experience and best of all, it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. At Derma-Tech Medical Spa, we’re happy to offer dermaplaning in addition to our many services.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning is a chemical-free exfoliation technique that uses a 10-gauge medical-grade scalpel to scrape off the very top layer of skin. Unlike other exfoliation/shaving techniques that you may do at home, this process is performed by the steady hands of our practiced, talented professionals. Results are brilliant – your skin will be smooth and rid of the minor flaws that have been driving you crazy.

What Can Dermaplaning Treat?

Dermaplaning can treat a variety of issues, making it ideal for many different skin types. It can be used to treat the following:

  • Minor Hair Growth, or “Peach Fuzz”
  • Dull Complexion

Unlike chemical peels aimed at doing the same thing, dermaplaning is ideal for sensitive skin as well. In fact, it is often sought out by pregnant women as a non-chemical solution to a changing complexion.

How Long Does A Treatment Take?

Dermaplaning sessions are delightfully quick. Because of the non-surgical nature, dermaplaning can be treated like a salon visit. Treatments consist of a single office visit and take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Many of our clients will schedule visits in between running errands or during their lunch breaks. There is no post-treatment downtime, so you’re free to carry on with your day as soon as you’re done. There are few, if any, side effects.

Dermaplaning Consultations Available

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How Often Should I Get Treatments?

The ideal number of sessions required depends largely on your aesthetic goals. For instance, if you are seeking out dermaplaning as a solution for hair removal, your frequency of treatments will depend on how quickly your hair grows back. To get a better idea of what to expect, consult our office at Derma-Tech Medical Spa.

Is Dermaplaning Right For Me?

Dermaplaning is a great solution for many different aesthetic concerns as well as maintaining skin health. If you think that you may be an ideal candidate for dermaplaning, feel free to reach out to our team at Derma-Tech – within your first consultation, we’ll be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for a dermaplaning session. We want to help you achieve the healthiest, best-looking skin possible.

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