Do you want to boost your skin’s health, refresh your appearance, and improve your self-confidence without surgery? You may want to consider a chemical peel. Chemical peels are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, and scars by improving skin color, tone, and texture. By removing the damaged outer layers of your skin, smoother and more radiant skin can grow back in its place.

How frequently you get a chemical peel depends on the type of peel you need and your desired results. When performed by licensed and trained professionals, like the team at Derma-Tech, chemical peels are considered safe.

Chemical Peel Joplin

Frequency: Consider Individual Need and Type of Peel

Derma-Tech Medical Spa offers a variety of chemical peels to meet our patients’ needs. Each type of peel – light, medium, or deep – uses a different chemical solution increasing in strength. It is important to note that chemical peels might not be permanent. New and ongoing sun damage and the natural aging process can reverse results.

Light Chemical Peel

Derma-Tech offers Illuminize Peel, a light peel used to treat fine lines and dryness. Your skin may be red, dry and irritated, and new skin might temporarily appear lighter or darker than normal. Light chemical peels require no downtime and require no extended healing time.

You can get an Illuminize Peel as often as every two to five weeks, depending on your desired results. It is recommended that you avoid sun exposure while new skin cells regenerate. Results may be subtle at first but will increase with repeated treatments.

Medium Chemical Peel

The Vitalize Peel, Derma-Tech’s medium peel, is more effective for removing damaged skin by reaching a little deeper into the skin layers. Your skin will be noticeably smoother after treatment but may be red, tight, and irritated.

The level of irritation is typically minimal and decreases quickly. After treatment skin might develop discolored blotches, which slough off naturally in two to four days. To maintain results, you may want to repeat treatment every one to three months, depending on your skin’s response.

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Deep Chemical Peels

Rejuvenize Peel is the most aggressive option offered by Derma-Tech Medical Spa. This treatment fully penetrates the deepest layer of the skin to address more serious skin imperfections.

Skin typically rebounds in two to four days, but depends on the individual and severity of his/her skin condition and issues. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun on a regular basis to avoid reversing the positive benefits of treatment.

What’s Right for Me?

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to schedule a consult with the experts at Derma-Tech Medical Spa. Our specialists will take time to answer your questions, discuss your expectations, and work with you to determine the best treatment for your skin type.

Beautiful inside and out! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They attend cutting edge trainings to stay at the top of their game! Very personalized treatments based on the results you are seeking. All of this along with the most competitive pricing you will find in the 4 state area. Would highly recommend!

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