A hormone imbalance can be challenging to deal with, especially when constantly feeling fatigued or having a reduced sex drive. DermaTech can help you feel your best with BioTe hormone replacement therapy, an innovative treatment that can improve your symptoms. Patients often wonder what exactly is BioTe hormone replacement therapy and how does it work? 

What is BioTe Hormone Therapy? 

Hormone imbalances in men and women often can happen due to aging or surgical procedures. 

BioTe hormone therapy is designed to repair imbalanced hormone levels by replacing them with hormones structurally similar to ones the body already produces. At DermaTech, we offer BioTe as a natural, plant-derived, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that will make you feel renewed and restored. 

How Does BioTe Work? 

A hormone imbalance is a common condition in men and women that can have more noticeable symptoms with aging. BioTe works by gradually elevating hormones to similar levels from when you were younger. The body embraces the process, which leaves you with minimized symptoms and more energy. 

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Benefits of BioTe Hormone Therapy? 

BioTE hormone therapy can help boost mental and physical wellness. BioTe can improve overall mood, increase concentration, improve sex drive, and elevate energy for mental health. The physical benefits include reducing symptoms of menopause, lessening joint pain, and improving sleep. 

Am I A Candidate For BioTe? 

The first step of BioTe hormone therapy is to have a comprehensive blood panel that determines if it is right for you. BioTe is not for everyone, but many men and women can be good candidates. If you have tried other hormone replacement therapies and seen no improvement, this treatment may be for you. 

DermaTech only treats mature adults experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalances or deficiencies. We do not treat young adults,  teenagers or children because hormonal shifts are normal to experience during youth. 

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