Laser hair removal is equally popular among men and women. The high speed, special equipment we use can treat multiple areas, including the legs, arms, feet, hands, back, chest, neck, bikini, cheeks, chin, and upper lip. The technique relies on the use of special diode lasers that heat hair follicles, damaging them, and impeding future hair growth.  

Laser Hair Removal Joplin

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas 

The number of laser hair removal treatment areas is considerable. That’s because the technology works in fundamentally the same way, no matter where it is applied to the body. However, there are certain regions people tend to target more than others.

Upper Lip 

Many people, especially women, come to Derma-Tech Medical Spa because of hair growth on the upper lip. Most have fine fluffy hair in this area that leaves them feeling self-conscious. Laser hair removal damages the follicles that produce these hairs,  eliminating the need to wax or shave.


Regularly shaving armpits in the shower is a daily chore that eats into your time. Therefore, many people choose to remove the hair that grows here, eliminating the need to shave or wax repeatedly. Laser hair removal is a gentle technique – perfect for this sensitive area of the body.


Removing hair from the bikini area helps to enhance the convenience and reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower. Speak with Derma-Tech Medical Spa clinicians in more detail about how you’d like to shape the area.

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Chin and Neck

You can also use laser hair removal to get rid of hairs that grow on the chin and neck. For women, some fine growth in this area is usually healthy. However, excessive growth could be due to hormonal imbalances. For men, it can be bothersome to have thick, unwanted neck hair, which in some cases, may create a continuous beard growing down the neck into the collar of the shirt. Until laser hair removal, the only option for these men was shaving once or twice a day, which leads to constant razor burn, rashes, and infected hair follicles. Laser hair removal is a game-changer for today’s busy man

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal 

The benefits of laser hair removal are extraordinary. Unlike many other hair removal techniques, such as electrolysis or waxing, laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. Patients who receive the treatment report experiencing a gentle tingling sensation on the skin as the clinician passes the laser over their skin. Afterward, they are free to return to normal activity right away. (Please note that Derma-Tech clinicians instruct patients to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds while undergoing treatments.).

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal technology works best on fair to medium skin tones and will only remove/reduce dark colored hairs. Laser treatments are not well-suited for deep skin tones, and it does not remove blonde or gray hair. 

Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments. This is because the laser works best when hairs are in an early growth stage (referred to as anagen), and all the hairs are not in this phase at the same time. Completing a series of laser hair removal treatments can do wonders for your confidence, and allows you to focus on other aspects of your life.

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