The air is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and all the kids are back in school. Yes, fall is back – and that means you can stop focusing on constantly shaving and prepping your legs, armpits, and other regions for revealing summertime outfits.


Actually, if you’ve been considering laser hair removal so you can avoid the hassle of shaving, there’s never been a better time to do it than the fall. Check out our reasons why:

Laser-Hair-Removal Joplin

1. You can cover up sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal tends to make skin a little more sensitive to UV rays, especially right after treatment. In the summertime, this can be tough, since walking around in pants might not be conducive to the hot and humid Missouri weather. However, with fall’s cooler weather, you can wear clothing to cover up newly-treated skin, meaning you won’t have to worry about exposing your sensitive skin.

2. You can do a full treatment session.

Depending on the area that’s being treated, you might need to undergo anywhere from five to eight laser hair removal sessions. These treatments need to be spaced six to eight weeks apart, which can add up to a considerable amount of time. If you’re waiting until just before summer to get laser hair removal treatment, you might not experience the full benefit until fall or early winter.

Starting early in the fall, ensures you’ll be looking your best when warmer weather arrives.

3. Your skin is paler.

Laser hair removal is the most effective on lighter skin tones. That means your summertime tan might prevent you from fully experiencing the power of laser hair removal. By giving your tan time to fade, you’re putting your skin in its best possible condition for laser hair removal.

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