Tired of having thin or poorly defined lips? Are you ready for that perfect pout? Then you’re in luck. Lip augmentation has been increasing in popularity in recent years with the rise of non-invasive dermal fillers. These fillers can instantly add volume and definition to your lips and often produce long-lasting results.

At Derma-Tech Medical Spa, we carry the Restylane family of dermal fillers. They are a line of FDA-cleared products that provide our patients with amazing results. Restylane Silk is specially made for non-surgical lip augmentation, giving patients a quick and painless solution for gorgeous, fuller lips. Today, we’ll give you the 411 on what you can expect from non-surgical lip augmentation.

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How Does it Work?

Restylane Silk is a dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid (HA) gels. It is injected into the lips to add volume and smoothness. HA is a natural substance found in the body that decreases as we age. We restore this natural substance with small injections into the lips for more fullness and softness.

It is a virtually painless procedure and requires little to no downtime. The results last one year or more. Your Derma-Tech specialist can use a special numbing cream or ice for more sensitive patients, although most patients report no signs of pain or discomfort throughout the procedure.

After an in-depth consultation with our team to determine if Restylane Silk is right for you, all that is required is a simple in-office visit and less than 30-minutes of your time. You can get back to your normal routine right away. 

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What Results Can I Expect? 

You can expect to see visible results within the first 14 days after the first treatment. Patients report having softer, smoother looking lips that last for 6 months or longer. Other results you can expect include an enhancement in shape and the smoothing away of verticle wrinkles. Restylane Silk is a treatment that can be repeated for long-lasting results.

The great thing about non-surgical lip augmentation is the ability to customize results to your liking. Results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you’d like. Your Derma-Tech specialist will go over every aspect of your upcoming procedure at the time of your in-person consultation. They’ll speak with you about projected results and help you make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

The owner, Trish, did my lip injections. She is such a wonderful, sweet woman, and she gave such good information for any question I had. She did SUCH an amazing job. I love my new lips and can’t wait to go back!

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