Dermaplaning is a unique procedure that’s designed to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz and rejuvenate dull damaged skin. Treatments are generally quick and easy requiring no downtime. Most clients can schedule their dermaplaning appointment during a work break or while they’re out and about running errands. Leave our office feeling refreshed thanks to silky-smooth skin and a natural glow.

The cost of dermaplaning varies based on where you’re located as well as the skill of your provider. The average price of medical-grade dermaplaning is $45.00 to $60.00 per session. Your Derma-Tech specialist will customize a dermaplaning treatment to suit your individual needs at the time of your in-person consultation.

Dermaplaning Joplin

What Results Can You Expect?

 By removing the topmost layers of dull, damaged skin, dermaplaning works to minimize;

  • Peach fuzz
  • Complexion woes

Each dermaplaning session takes between 30-45 minutes.  After treatment, you’re left with a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Dermaplaning is entirely safe for all skin types, textures, and tones. Even women who are pregnant or nursing can benefit from this unique treatment.

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Complimentary Procedures

In some cases, you may be a good fit for deeper exfoliation with a chemical peel. Adding an occasional chemical peel to a dermaplaning treatment is perfect for clients who need a little extra help getting their skin where it needs to be. Right after your dermaplaning is the best time to get a chemical peel because your skin is ultra-absorptive during this time. Chemical peels can add an extra $82.00-150.00 to your in-office appointment.

How Often Should You Get Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning treatments typically last about 3-4 weeks. The majority of clients opt for once-monthly appointments to keep their skin happy and healthy. However, dermaplaning is safe and effective as needed to maintain an optimal outcome. The best way to determine what’s right for your skin is through an in-person consultation.

All-in-all, dermaplaning is a cost-effective way to keep your skin soft and supple. The skilled providers at Derma-Tech Medical Spa regularly provide dermaplaning for patients that are seeking either corrective or preventive care. We offer medical-grade solutions with the least amount of downtime possible so you can feel confident in your skin every single day.

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*Individual Results May Vary.