There are two primary benefits of a weight loss program under the supervision of a doctor: enhanced accountability and the use of techniques backed by science. 

Many people in the US are overweight, but the degree to which they are differs from person to person. Some have a little extra fat on the hips and thighs, while others are morbidly obese. Currently, there is a desperate need for evidence-based interventions that can effectively bring the weight down. However, popular misconceptions and misinformation in the media have made this difficult. 

Going to Derma-Tech Medical Spa for medically supervised weight loss lets patients sidestep these issues and skip to what works. This way, they can avoid wasting time and harming their bodies while achieving positive results. 

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About Medical Weight Loss 

Diet and exercise are fundamental to weight loss. Sometimes, however, patients require further interventions to get to their optimal body weight. A medical weight loss program is a collection of solutions designed to help people get to their target weight safer, while achieving lasting results. 

While specific diets and interventions can result in very rapid weight loss, they are not always safe or sustainable. For that reason, Derma-Tech offers supportive professionals, including Dr. Boice, trained in helping patients stay on track with their weight loss efforts while also administering treatment. 

Our medical weight loss programs can include the use of prescription drugs. Among them is a drug called phentermine – a type of amphetamine that stimulates the central nervous system and aids in burning calories. Every patient has individual health concerns or conditions, which must be considered so phentermine may not be right for some. Oftentimes, hormonal imbalance may be an underlying cause of weight gain so we may address this issue, with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Although this is not considered a stand-alone weight loss treatment, it optimizes hormones, which can dramatically improve your strength, energy, weight, sleep, libido, and much more.  These measures, when paired with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and accountability to a medical program, are a winning combination for the weight that goes away and stays away!

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Medical Weight Loss Benefits 

Medical weight loss offers a range of benefits. 

The first is safety-related. Weight loss drugs are powerful and can be dangerous if not administered in a medically-supervised fashion. Derma-Tech Medical Spa’s team of experts carefully calibrate your program and ensure that any treatment you receive is safe and effective. 

The second benefit of medical weight loss is the fact that it is backed by science. Currently, there is a lot of misinformation out there about losing weight, leaving many people confused. Going down the medically supervised route gives you access to the latest science, increasing peace of mind.

Finally, supervised weight loss increases personal accountability. Patients receive periodic consultations with Dr. Boice and her team to take measurements and assess progress. Participants receive the jumpstart and accountablity they need in the beginning while working towards the ultimate goal of managing their weight, personal choices and quality of life with ease and peace of mind.

Am I a Candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

If you have been struggling to lose weight for many years, but haven’t managed to get there, medical weight loss could be the key to your success. Practically everyone with a BMI over 30 can benefit from a program – with or without pharmaceutical interventions – and achieve their optimal weight.

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