You’ve been buying makeup that’s right for your skin tone. Or eye color. Even your personal style. But what about your age? The skin-care regimen of a 30-year-old is different from a 60-year-old’s, so your makeup should evolve through the use. Here’s an age-appropriate, everyday collections for your thirties.

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The goal: Polished. In your twenties, you might be able to get away with looking like a hot mess. In your thirties—not so much. So if you’ve been lackadaisical about wearing makeup—or taking it off—it’s time to get grooming. Now, no one’s saying you have to spend hours primping, but a more polished appearance tells the world, “It’s time to take me seriously.”

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Skin Care and Make Up Must Haves in Your 30’s:

  • Tinted moisturizer
    • Most women in their thirties have pretty good skin and can skip foundation; however, unless you’ve been blessed with a completely flawless complexion, you’ll probably still benefit by evening things out with a tinted moisturizer.
  • Concealer
    • The tinted moisturizer that’s evening your tone may adequately camouflage dark circles and blemishes—but most of us will need a more opaque option. To hide imperfections, go for a cover-up that’s emollient enough to blend easily by dry enough to avoid looking dewy.
  • Eyeshadow Primer
    • Most thirtysomething women are beyond busy and really can’t be bothered to touch up their eye makeup throughout the day. Adding an eyeshadow primer to your regimen will keep your lids looking as polished at 7 pm as they did at 7 am.
  • Brow Gel
    • Combing your brows is important for a polished look. To keep your arches in place all day, brush them with a setting gel.
  • Edgier eye makeup
    • Your lids are smooth and your eyes almost free of fine lines, so you can still rock shimmery eye makeup and bolder colors. To be age appropriate, though, don’t smear sparkle all over your lid; instead, line the outer third of your top lashes with a glittery pencil. Or tap a shimmery shadow in the center of your eyelid, on top of a matte powder in a complimentary color.
  • Mascara
    • Your lashes are still pretty lush, so play them up with a formula that enhances their volume and length.
  • Bronzer
    • Most thirty-somethings still have skin that’s radiant, so wearing blush is probably optional. Ditto shimmery bronzer, though you may want to seize the opportunity to wear it while you can. In your thirties, bronzer leaves your skin looking sun kissed (and you well rested), whereas in about a decade, if can accentuate sun damage, making you look older than you are. For the most flattering results, keep coppery color around the perimeter of your face: your hairline, jawline and back toward the ears.
  • Gloss
    • You needn’t do much to make your lips look good—they’re still full, the color’s still pretty deep. A gloss or sheer, shiny lip color is enough to play them up—and not compete with shimmery or bold eye makeup.

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